LiberActa S.r.l. is an innovative company founded in 2017 to develop digital solutions based on blockchain technology and service-based architecture, aimed at introducing disruptive changes in current B2C business models and in different industries.

Our loyalty marketing and accessible tourism solutions





why we are different

Our loyalty marketing and accessible tourism solutions are based on a profoundly innovative, efficient and competitive architecture that is extremely secure and transparent to the user and virtually unlimitedly scalable.

New business models

More efficient loyalty and promotional marketing tools and innovative business models designed to build consumer loyalty without intermediaries.


The BMarkEn project is the first implementation of a platform, based on blockchain architecture, to support companies' operational marketing.

Cost-effectiveness and efficiency

Lower costs than the market average, both because of the exploitation of Ethereum's public and open network and because merchants can manage promotions themselves. This implies a faster time-to-market for the promotions management cycle.

Off-chain cloud and GDPR compliance

Promotion registries, accumulation programs and user profiling are managed off-chain on high-security cloud. This speeds up performance while maintaining GDPR compliance.

User experience ergonomics

UX designed to provide greater control and transparency to merchants and consumers involved in the process who can create, control, update and view promotions from the app.

Power and flexibility of the solution

Merchants, manufacturers and retailers have the opportunity to manage a wider and more flexible range of business rules and can build a new loyalty scheme, avoiding lengthy development and system testing processes.

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