Our team is right balanced in the different skills (technology, marketing and commercial management, resource and asset management, F&A) with significant international experiences/curricula. Our team aspire to develop/deploy innovative enterprise solutions exploiting the immense potential of blockchain, effectively fitting for the European/International marketplace.

Antonio Bacci


Responsible for the commercial and marketing management of the company including the internationalization and business development strategy. +30 years esp. Business Developer, Mgt Consultant, formerly CIO and COO Edenred Italia.

Maria Chiara Balma

Business Development Consultant

Responsible for business development on the Large Retail and Consumer Producers channel. Supervision of communication / marketing activities. Many years of marketing / sales / business management experience in consumer goods / services companies and digital start-ups.

Canio Codella

Senior Business/Technical Consultant

Project Manager and Business Consultant for the development of requirements and the development of solutions / applications with high technological content. +30 years esp. ICT. Previously Technical Architect and Delivery Manager for business management information systems in i3 group.

Floriana Fiorentino

Marketing & Sales Support

Support to marketing and business development activities.

Mauro Binaghi

Senior Frontend Developer

+15 years exp. mainly in the development of websites, web applications and portals, with excursions into the world of Apps. Knowledge in various technologies – React, PHP, etc – and specialisation in some enterprise products such as Liferay.

Simone Mainini


+20 years esp. ICT, Project Manager and Application / System Architect, previously resp. dev. Edenred France application platform Trip.

Alessandro Montanari

CEO Co-Founder

Responsible for strategy, product requirements development, alliances and networking, staffing and administrative control. +30 years esp. ICT, Solution Architect, ICT Manager, co-founder of companies operating in the Open Source world, previously resp. R&D Sourcesense.

Silvia Scandella

Junior Frontend Developer

Junior Application Developer frontend with focus on the BMarkEn platform.

Simona Tomezzoli

Backoffice Operations

Coordination of administrative activities and support for business and operational activities.

Alessio Vezzoni

Responsible Backend Developer BMarkEn

Application Designer / Developer backend with focus on the BMarkEn platform and blockchain architecture solutions / projects. 10 years esp. ICT. Specialized on the Open Source technology stack and service architectures / infrastructures.
Previously R&D IoT in BCS.


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Via Aurelio Saffi 21 – 20123 Milano