App realisation Thalita kum: walking in dignity

We are proud to announce the go-live of this project we have been working on over the last few months together with our partner 4Sigma. In these days the App realised for Talitha Kum, a religiously inspired organisation created by women from all over the world with the mission to end human trafficking and exploitation through collaborative initiatives focused on prevention, protection, social reintegration and rehabilitation of survivors, partnership and advocacy, promoting actions that impact systemic causes, will be available on all distribution platforms. Talitha Kum promotes collaboration between organised networks at national, regional and continental levels, actively supporting victims and those at risk. 

Our contribution to the development and design of the app together with 4sigma involved us in creating an opportunity for all users connected to the association to stay informed and in touch with many issues of cultural interest through content on the app to be unlocked through gamification. The user will accumulate steps that can be ‘donated’ to enjoy exclusive content of social interest.

The strength of the Talitha Kum network lies in its commitment to a person- and community-centred strategy and we are proud to have participated in this solidarity project to restore lost dignity. 

We invite you to join the initiative and take a walk with us.

For more information on Thalitakum’s mission visit