The Bando SI 4.0 aims to support the adoption and development of digital 4.0 technologies by Lombardy’s MPMIs with a view to a double digital and ecological transition.

We are very happy to announce that LiberActa is among the projects selected by the Bando SI4.0, with the development of new functionalities based on an AI engine able to simplify for small Merchants (and Retailers in general), the operation necessary for the generation of promotional campaigns (value coupons, discounts, subscriptions, etc.) through a conversational assistant that guides them, with little effort and great precision, to the setting up of promotional campaigns.

We intend to take advantage of the enormous progress made by Artificial Intelligence technologies to create an Intelligent Agent capable of interpreting the retailer’s marketing directives, and through API integration it will dialogue with our loyalty platform BMarkEN, helping to cope with the loss of competitiveness of small physical retail, which is struggling to cope with the advancement of the large online commerce portals