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A new payoff for LiberActa

A formal change that expresses the desire to tell and enhance the story of our startup’s journey and evolution, as well as

From today the blockchain is more sustainable! The solutions developed by LiberActa have always provided a decentralized infrastructure based on the Ethereum

At the event Tavolo Giovani #SustainableTourism on Wednesday, June 29 (Milan, Palazzo Giureconsulti) LiberActa will present the project Lombardia Inclusive Experience. The

Smart Retail Tech Expo

Here we are… Smart Retail Tech Expo. The new generation of loyalty Marketing ready for helping companies and organization to fidelize their

Liberacta was selected among the finalist digital start-ups of “ARTathlon – Art in movement”, an in-depth course on new technologies organized by

Very happy for having been appointed as “Member of the month” by Assintel who we also thank for the precious support received