Lombardia Inclusive Experience: a new model of Circular Tourism

At the event Tavolo Giovani #SustainableTourism on Wednesday, June 29 (Milan, Palazzo Giureconsulti) LiberActa will present the project Lombardia Inclusive Experience.

The project was conceived by LiberActa, in collaboration with its partners CityFriend, Suggesto and Ciquadrato, to create a technological platform designed to promote and enhance the culture of sustainable and accessible tourism. In response to the growing public awareness of sustainability and inclusion, our goal is to enable tour operators to achieve a double result: qualify and enhance the sustainable tourism offer and at the same time make it more inclusive and accessible to all types of audience, especially the fragile one, not only because it is fair but also because it is equally profitable if done with foresight and passion.

The project objective is carried out in a network context, with a leading role of Confcommercio, of which two key companies of the team are part through Assintel and the network association D.change aimed at the implementation of solutions on the tourism industry. The technology platform, thanks to its infrastructure, provides the appropriate tools to manage and support the processes necessary for the organization and delivery of the main tourist services. Thanks to the collaboration with Cityfriend, the platform guarantees the possibility of searching and choosing targeted experiences classified according to objective parameters of accessibility, helping the visitor in the planning of the trip.

The inclusiveness and sustainability underlying the project propose a new model of circular tourism anchored to the economy and cultural resources of the territory, inclusive and participatory thanks to the involvement of local and specialized operators, encouraging the creation of skilled jobs in the tourism sector.

For more information contact: info@liberacta.com.

Daniel Ali’s Photo from Unsplash

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