A new payoff for LiberActa

A formal change that expresses the desire to tell and enhance the story of our startup’s journey and evolution, as well as to develop a new awareness of our value proposition.

Therefore, we at Liberacta, have decided to change the payoff from Blockchain Enterprise Solutions to B2C Digital Solutions. We asked ourselves how to best convey the message, and we did this also starting from listening to our customers and the solutions we have developed over the years. In fact, all of our solutions, from BMarken to WikiMuseo to ItInEx, have been developed precisely to offer companies from different industries B2C digital platforms designed to directly engage and retain end users/consumers, without intermediaries, in order to interact more effectively with them and reach them better with their products and services.

The blockchain technology, which together with service-based architectures continues to be effectively used for the projects/solutions we develop, no longer characterizes us compared to 2017, the year Liberacta was founded, when we decided to highlight with the old payoff our role as pioneers in the use of what then loomed as a promising technology. The fact that we developed and put into production the first platform to support Operational Marketing based on next-generation technologies/architectures belongs to our history and at the same time anchors us to a path of innovation for our future.

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