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WikiMuseo by Liberacta: not just virtual visits but active involvement, visitor interactions and much more

Liberacta was selected among the finalist digital start-ups of “ARTathlon – Art in movement”, an in-depth course on new technologies organized by EY on behalf of the Ministry of Culture.

Liberacta has developed and presented the prototype of Wikimuseo, a webapp that makes the visit of museums and places of culture interactive, facilitating the use of multimedia content.
The webapp Wikimuseo allows to get a more intense involvement of visitors, both individuals and groups (schools, associations, etc.), and a greater interactivity during the visits through experiences of active participation and gamification.

The proposed solution also includes effective strategies and tools for visitor retention (collecting points for various activities, but also coupons, discounts, etc), giving importance also to the ease of integration with booking and ticketing systems and to the organization of data collection (CRM), in order to analyze the experiences of their visits, understand the correlations, build clusters (based on a real acquaintance of the visitors) able to design a cultural offer for diversified and targeted audience.
The architecture of the solution allows strong scalability and ease of adoption by museums and places of culture without “entry barriers”.
The involved technologies make full use of a service-oriented architecture based on a service-oriented infrastructure (automatic provisioning), that leans its own safety level on a public blockchain. Augmented Reality features and Artificial Intelligence techniques can be added later according to the developed solution.

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