Presentation of BMarkEn for Loyalty Marketing receives attention at Shop Expo in Milan

Our participation in the Promotion Expo of 20-22 March Expo in Milan has received a lot of attention and interest amongst visitors. We had the opportunity to present BMarkEn, the most innovative and high-performance solution available today to manage promotional tools and Loyalty Marketing both in retail and e-commerce, in an effective, scalable and completely digital manner. Our goal remains to transform promotional activities to a more straightforward interchange between merchants and their clients placing the final consumer at the center of the process. The Promotion Expo was a great step forward to affirm exactly this mission. The most positive feedbacks expressed by our interlocutors regard the ease of integration of the solution and its independence from the distribution / use channel (multiple physical sales points, e-commerce, social networks).
In addition we participated at the conference of March 21 “The winning cards of Marketing” within the Promotion Expo, giving us the opportunity to explain the innovativeness of the blockchain architecture used by our solution, highlighting its product impact on business processes, with a significant shortening of the value chain and greater autonomy and transparency both for companies (merchants, chains, large retail) and for consumers, beyond the considerable benefits brought in terms of security, scalability and performance.

Below you find the slides of our speech at the conference “The winning cards of Marketing”:

BMarkEn - presentazione x Promotion Expo


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