LiberActa with ConfCommercio: An agreement for associated companies

Convenzione LiberActa ConfCommercio

LiberActa announces an important agreement with ConfCommercio.

The agreement signed in February and immediately active allows companies associated with ConfCommercio to rely on an exclusive and advantageous price list. (See here >)

Providing tools for the distribution and management of promos / coupons, gift cards and loyalty cards / cashbacks in a simple, immediate and extremely safe way without having to depend on physical supports is the main feature of the solution created by LiberActa.
This solution is now available with the new innovative platform for retail: BMarkEn, a solution designed to activate Coupons or Promotions with extreme ease and flexibility. All that is needed is a smartphone by the customer allowing merchants to expand their distribution network at scale while retaining final consumers.
The blockchain technology, on which the data is transferred with maximum security and transparency (in accordance with the GDPR standards), guarantees immediate transactions and a reduced costs for the client companies.
Useful both for individual operators and for large chains / circuits it offers a competitive advantage for the ease of use by the final customers and for the effortless adoption by retailers.

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