The innovaturismo tender notice aims to encourage the recovery of tourist demand in the Lombardy territories through an extraordinary intervention to support companies and business partnerships that carry out projects capable of improving the use of tourist experiences, increasing environmental sustainability, of the services offered, making the tourist experience safer, increase the quality of the available data, thus strengthening the tourist supply chains and the businesses that are part of it.

We are happy to be able to announce that the project we presented has entered among the projects financed by the Innovaturismo tender notice 2022 promoted by the Lombardy Region and Unioncamere Lombardia.

Our project will focus on the development of advanced functionalities for video conf creation. on the move, interactive videos, 3D virtual tours for tourist escort services with particular attention to accessibility/inclusiveness aspects, to provide tourists and local operators (guides and escorts) with adequate and effective tools for:

  • Participate in video conferences activated by the operators/guides to better plan the visit and personalize the experience;
  • Create simple and fluid Userexperience through interactive virtual tours that allow you to understand if the itinerary is consistent with your interests and accessible according to your specific needs or difficulties/disabilities;
  • Use additional interactive tools that facilitate full participation in the tourist/cultural experience by overcoming any barriers (Lis videos or superimposed texts)
  • Stay in touch after the visit through post-experience video conferencing or share the lived experience through feedback or posts.

The project will be carried out with the support of our partner Cityfriend, specialized in the design of inclusive tourist experiences.

If interested in the project, for more information contact:

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