Facebook authentication


If you want to authenticate with Facebook login, it’s important you let Bmarken know your email.

In case you experience issues during the authentication with Facebook, please read on to find some hints for troubleshoot.

First login attempt

If it’s the first time you login to Bmarken with Facebook, you will find the link “Edit access”.

It’s important you keep the default configuration that allows Bmarken to know your email, this is a mandatory information for Bmarken.

Subsequent login attempts

If it’s not your first login attempt to Bmarken with Facebook you will not be able to change the email settings in the login page. In order to proceed you need to open your Facebook page in www.facebook.com. 

Press the button at the top right and in the menu click on “Settings & privacy”, then on “Settings”.

The Settings page has a menu on the left, you need to select “Apps and Websites”

The page contains a list of all the apps and websites that use the Facebook login. You need to remove Bmarken Pro.

A Popup will ask you to confirm the operation, please confirm clicking on “Remove”.

You can now try again to authenticate in Bmarken using the Facebook login. It’s important that during the login you don’t change the default setting that allows Bmarken to know your email.