Demo – en

Demo enviroment

In order to use a demo environment the Merchant has to be previously enabled. You can require to be enabled asking to

Demo environment is available in four languages (English, French, German, Italian) and it is limited to Android devices and most popular PC browsers (please mind that devices require videocamera for reading QRcode generated for identify users/promos/cards).

Once a campaign has been created and promo/cards distributed you can test both the Consumer and Merchant side. In order to learn the functionality made available by BMarkEn to Merchants and Consumers please look at the video tutorials available here.

Demo Consumers don’t need to be previously enabled, they have just to register themselves in the demo environment and use the coupons/card cards received by the demo Merchants.

Link to enter into demo Merchant environment: (mind that a Merchant operator need to be previously enabled).

Link to enter into demo Consumer environment: (of course your wallet will be empty until you’ll receive some coupon/card by a demo Merchant).