Significant business cases implemented

Business context

Leader in the professional publishing market in Europe, Giuffré Francis Lefebvre (GFL) collects over 200,000 professional subscribers with over 800 new publications per year.
For the community of professionals and citizens who rely on its excellence and innovation, the GFL loyalty card was the logical next step to embody in the long term a common culture permeated by reliability and knowledge.

The GFL card is a new resource for sales consultants in agencies and bookstores in the GFL network. It helps to retain customers by encouraging visits and. With its fluid and personalized interface on a mobile device GFL Card acts as an additional tool in the relationship with the customer.

The mechanics of the program

GFL Card program provides for the accumulation of points based on purchases and promotions made at the point of sale, and supports various other rewarding actions (profile completion, presentation of a friend, etc.). Upon reaching the thresholds, the customer can opt to redeem his points in giftcards that can be spent at the bookstores circuit included in the program.

The role of BMarkEn and LiberActa

The platform provided by LiberActa (the BMarkEn engine and the personalized App) allows customers to interact with the program in a very easy way (totally digital), providing maximum transparency to the user. The customer is only asked to have the App installed on his smartphone. The bookstore interacts at the cash point with the customer’s App (reading QRcode generated by the App) and through its own functionality controls the progress of the program and perform analysis that allow them to program most appropriate promotions and targeted actions.

The BMarkEn engine, thanks to its disruptive architecture, guarantees extreme reliability and safety and provides a highly flexible solution for the evolution of the program. LiberActa has been recognized for its ability to deal quickly and effectively with the specificity of the business mix and to fully meet the expectations of strong personalization, with expertise accompanied by great flexibility and responsiveness.



Business context

CentroSarca is one of the most important shopping centers managed by the IGD group, the largest chain operating in Italy. CentroSarca houses 80 Stores, the Ipercoop store, a multiplex Cinema and counts around 3.5 million annual visits, with a pool of over 300,000 unique visitors.

To lay the foundations of the new loyalty program, connected to the MySarca prize competition,CentroSarca chose BMarkEn platform and a customized App was created by connecting it to an Instant win lottery service, with 2,400 prizes and a prize pool of 52k€.

The mechanics of the competition

The MySarca sweepstakes allows registered users (social onboarding available) to perform Instant win games whenever they enter the center (position verification) and whenever they scan the QRcode printed in the sticker provided by one of the shops in the Mall for any purchase . The QRcodes are all different in order to guarantee the uniqueness of the game. The competition ends with a final draw which is giving away a trip for 2 people to a European destination of your choice.

The role of BMarkEn and LibeActa

LiberActa provided the loyalty platform used for the operation, including the App used by users to register and interact with the competition, while CentroSarca has been allowed to monitor the progress of the program and the associated lottery. In the following phases, the platform will also be used as a tool to expand and improve the services provided to Consumers and Stores hosted in the center, also providing better monitoring of flows. More information at

The BMarkEn platform, thanks to its extremely efficient and disruptive architecture (SaaS/serverless architecture ) guarantees extreme reliability and scalability coupled with great performances in maximum security (in a few weeks several thousand users have registered and are using it intensely). Liberacta was also chosen for its ability to proactively contribute to the development of the operation and its mechanics, as well as for the speed of implementation ensured.


Within a few weeks, several thousand users have registered and are using intensely the platform, increasing the loyalty and involvement rate also thanks to the gamification experience provided by the App. The ability to scan receipts from home as well, to participate immediately in a rich Instant Win and to acquire bonuses for the final draw, allowed the Customer to quickly build a very large and potentially reusable user base.